Monday, April 23, 2007


This is for real this time!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scribblings in a diary hidden

Tell me where I'm going
I'll show you where I've been
An evening in forever
A soul all washed in sin
Thin thoughts just swirl around my head
as if I never knew
There never was a single hope
just shades of rosy hue.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunrise comes

Opening my eyes to the gentle light of sunrise, I'm almost dismayed to find myself still here. My dreams had carried me off to someplace better, more... perfect.

But that shows how much of a dream it was, because really, where is better than Mayfair?

I dash across the grass in my nightgown, the bottom wet with dew, my feet covered in the morning's tears, only to leap up, catching the lowest branch of the tree to haul myself up. Comfortable once more I curl against the bark, breathing in the smells of the land... the green grassy smell couples with baking from down the walk, reminding me that I need to get in before I'm caught outside in such a state. I climb higher up in my beloved tree's branches, until I'm within leaping distance, and ..... There! Once more I've made it onto the landing where I can get in and sneak back down to my bedroom unnoticed. My soul fills fuller, more satisfied, having watched the morning's sunrise symphony.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A cloudy starlit night

Stepping outside tonight, the cool breeze kissed my cheek. For some reason, tonight I'm full of melancholy and emptiness. I watch the moon as it slowly makes its way across the sky, feeling a tear make its way down my cheek. It's easy to walk around Three Graces, the grass cool between my toes (Oh how my sister would protest such impropriety!), and curl up in the comfort of one of the tree branches of the knotty oak that's lived there since before I can remember. My mind traces my life, back through when we lived at the Bardhaven Estate, on Badger lands... the happiness, the sadness... I look at my life now. with its ups and downs... so much has changed, and yet so much is the same. I have wonderful friends now, some more dear than others, but with more dangers, I think. Am I capable of handling it all? Right now it feels like I can't... My world is too swirly, too full, and it scares me. There's too many balls up in the air, and my young life hasn't let me see these things and how they work in all their glory. I crave so much.... love, attention, playtime, talking... am I selfish? Perhaps I am. Am I needy? Again.. perhaps. I find my senses heightened, I hear the calming cadence of my Master's voice, the soothing lilt of my sister's. I listen to them talk, wonder what this place would be were I to leave, if I have left my mark. I haven't...I could steal away like a thief in the night, and nobody would be the wiser.

And yet here I stay, my heart firmly taken root in this place, my tears watering those roots, my smiles making them grow.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Address change!

Due to some extraordinary kindness, this blog is moving to:

Thank you!:)

But not yet. Sorry!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Oh my.... News from Outside the Aether

As the powers that be have decided that I need other outlets for my time (and channels through which to get money), I sit here in the quietness of a building that is huge and empty, save for my employer and myself, and that kind gentlemen alas, is gone much of the time. And so I sit, this poor lonely neko, all by herself.

I have gotten used to this steam powered typewriter that they give to me to do their correspondence on, and it and I get on very well. I have named it Horatio VIII, as it is a worthy foe. When it gets its dander up it does all sorts of things like blinking for no reason, and sometimes whirring threateningly before going dark. For the most part though, things are generally fine. Until tonight. Right now I sit, cowering in my small walled area, casting fearful glances behind me every few minutes, because the steam powered typewriter over on the desk across from mine is making a strange whirring clicking noise. Which really makes no sense, as there's nobody using it, and there hasn't been anyone at that one since about four and a half hours ago. I tried prodding it with one of my pens, but it was fruitless-- and I broke the nib of my pen off as well! I have wheedled, cajoled, begged, and eventually left a small piece of candy at it's power source, in the hopes of it quieting down. All for naught! This kitty's about as nervous as if this room were full of rocking chairs right now, I'm afraid. If nobody sees me soon.. or if I miss the dance in Steelhead on Saturday... then the demon mechanism has eaten me, and I am but goo in its wires and gears. In the meantime... send reinforcements.. I think it's gotten a little closer.....

EDIT: My employer has arrived back and fed the beastly mechanism a "floppy" as he called it, although it didn't look very floppy to me. He fed the monster this contraption and it settled right down. So if you ever come across one of these steam powered hellions, be sure to have a bag of floppies to calm them down.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A bees life

Oho! And here I am, ready to start journalling my adventures, such that they are. I tend to live a rather boring life, I think, with my sister Kirawill and her husband, Zealot Sir, as they have strange ideas about how a girl should be brought up. Something about lessons and propriety and the like, I'm not really sure, as I tend to fade out about halfway through the discussions.

I do know today though, we had quite the day! My sister tends to enjoy unique items, and she happened upon a rather interesting weapon -- a beehive launcher. Well, I tried to tell her to make sure the safety was on, but in the midst of attempting to relieve her of the heavy thing (Ok, so I wanted to try it, I admit!), it went off, and we were surrounded by swarms of angry bees. The house was full of them, and so 'will and I spent the evening shooing bees from each room, but particularly the ones where the Master of the house spends most of his time. Which took a lot of work, as apparently bees enjoy offices. 'will kept yelling because I got distracted many times trying to bat and play with the bees instead of killing or shooing them. I can't help it if I like a little fun, can I?

*watches as a bee takes a meandering path in front of her nose* Ohhh... it looks as if I have some more work to do... I'm sure this journalling will get easier as I get more used to jotting things down...