Friday, April 13, 2007

Oh my.... News from Outside the Aether

As the powers that be have decided that I need other outlets for my time (and channels through which to get money), I sit here in the quietness of a building that is huge and empty, save for my employer and myself, and that kind gentlemen alas, is gone much of the time. And so I sit, this poor lonely neko, all by herself.

I have gotten used to this steam powered typewriter that they give to me to do their correspondence on, and it and I get on very well. I have named it Horatio VIII, as it is a worthy foe. When it gets its dander up it does all sorts of things like blinking for no reason, and sometimes whirring threateningly before going dark. For the most part though, things are generally fine. Until tonight. Right now I sit, cowering in my small walled area, casting fearful glances behind me every few minutes, because the steam powered typewriter over on the desk across from mine is making a strange whirring clicking noise. Which really makes no sense, as there's nobody using it, and there hasn't been anyone at that one since about four and a half hours ago. I tried prodding it with one of my pens, but it was fruitless-- and I broke the nib of my pen off as well! I have wheedled, cajoled, begged, and eventually left a small piece of candy at it's power source, in the hopes of it quieting down. All for naught! This kitty's about as nervous as if this room were full of rocking chairs right now, I'm afraid. If nobody sees me soon.. or if I miss the dance in Steelhead on Saturday... then the demon mechanism has eaten me, and I am but goo in its wires and gears. In the meantime... send reinforcements.. I think it's gotten a little closer.....

EDIT: My employer has arrived back and fed the beastly mechanism a "floppy" as he called it, although it didn't look very floppy to me. He fed the monster this contraption and it settled right down. So if you ever come across one of these steam powered hellions, be sure to have a bag of floppies to calm them down.


Edward Pearse said...
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Edward Pearse said...

Steam powered typewriter you say?