Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunrise comes

Opening my eyes to the gentle light of sunrise, I'm almost dismayed to find myself still here. My dreams had carried me off to someplace better, more... perfect.

But that shows how much of a dream it was, because really, where is better than Mayfair?

I dash across the grass in my nightgown, the bottom wet with dew, my feet covered in the morning's tears, only to leap up, catching the lowest branch of the tree to haul myself up. Comfortable once more I curl against the bark, breathing in the smells of the land... the green grassy smell couples with baking from down the walk, reminding me that I need to get in before I'm caught outside in such a state. I climb higher up in my beloved tree's branches, until I'm within leaping distance, and ..... There! Once more I've made it onto the landing where I can get in and sneak back down to my bedroom unnoticed. My soul fills fuller, more satisfied, having watched the morning's sunrise symphony.

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